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 Annual Midrasha Community Wide 
Brunch, Shmooze and Learn. 
Sunday, November 16
9:30 AM-12:30 PM
Join us for an opportunity to shmooze with Midrasha parents, teachers and community supporters while enjoying a variety of classes created by our outstanding teaching faculty.
This year's Brunch Classes will include:
Biblio-Yoga with Beth Midanik-Blum, 
Israeli Folkdancing with Sacha Kopin,
Talmud with Michal Kohane,  
Campfire Songs and Stories with Mark Deutch, Expressive Arts with Julia Gilden, 
The Art of Being Alone with Annie Berenberg, 
Build-it: Judaism with Aliza Minkina
and much more!
For more information or to RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/midrasha-parent-and-community-member-brunch-shmooze-and-learn-tickets-13807054271
Or contact us at the Midrasha office: 510.843.4667 

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What people say about Midrasha in Berkeley 

Midrasha is a Jewish connection-creator, especially on Midrasha retreats where teens from all of the Midrashot come together to celebrate Shabbat and being Jewish....I can always count on Midrasha to put my mind at ease.....Midrasha provides excellent supportive and enthusiastism.
            Blythe Hyman
I love the retreats and consider them to be some of the highlights of my year.  On the retreats I could completely let go of all stress that I had at home and be present in the moment with my friends and my spirituality.
            Adam Johnson

Through the chaos of middle school graduation and trying to find my path in high school, Midrasha has always been there.  It provides me with a support group, friends who share many of the same struggles that I endure.  It is a place where I can discuss my Jewish identity and work through situations I encounter growing up as a Jew in the Bay Area....Midrasha has helped me form my Jewish values....Midrasha has helped me stay up to date with issues concerning Jews around the world and revealed connections between my everyday life and Judaism that I never would have imagined....On retreats, coming together with hundreds of like-minded teens and discussing contemporary Jewish issues was truly unforgettable....Midrasha has been the rock in my Jewish world that kept me grounded in my faith and proud to be Jewish.
            Jacob Maler
Going to retreats allowed me to escape the real world for a few days and to focus on the relationships with those around me and the relationship I have with myself......Midrasha classes allowed me to explore different parts of my everyday life and how they connect with Judaism.  Getting to know other students and their perspectives has taught me to expand my ideas and welcome in new ones.
            Emma Pines-Schwartz
Midrasha allowed me to maintain a strong group of friends that I had built growing up in a Jewish community.  It introduced me to teachers who pushed me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to take classes on subjects that intrigued me, and that were not available to me in my secular education....When you come to classes every week ready to learn, willing to try new things, open to the idea of translating those things to your own life, Midrasha has the ability to change your high school experience in incredible ways.
            Maya Sherne
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