Where Jewish Teens  Learn, Laugh, Engage, Discover, Grow and Belong!


Welcome!   Berkeley Midrasha is the premier Jewish learning and identity building experience for East Bay teens in 8th-12th grade.  It offers a broad range of interesting and challenging courses to students with a strong Jewish background and to those with little former training or knowledge—classes ranging from Talmud and Hebrew to Jewish films and drama. The program provides students with the skills and knowledge to become engaged and committed Jewish adults. Midrasha offers a larger social group of Jewish teenagers than exists at any one synagogue and the opportunity to form lasting friendships. The program provides an engaging social environment in the weekly classroom and during weekend retreats.  Our exceptional faculty provides our students with positive, knowledgeable role models of successful young Jewish adults who actively engage with Jewish concepts and ideas to lead meaningful Jewish lives.  .

Midrasha is made possible by the generous support of our community. All contributions are fully tax deductible. 

Midrasha is an inter-congregational Jewish teen learning program for all  Jewish teens.    Midrasha in Berkeley is part of a larger region wide community who join together for three weekend retreats and other programs throughout the year. Our students represent a broad range of Jewish backgrounds. We work to include everybody from Orthodox to secular, to just Jewish and everything in between.    . Midrasha is a communal program, open to non-synagogue members as well as those who are affiliated.  Kashrut and Shabbat are observed.  Financial aid is available to all in need.  Click here to enroll in Midrasha!