A Midrasha student described the program as "the one place during the week where I can just slow down for a minute and really get to be myself." Midrasha helps teens connect deeply to a Jewish peer community, find supportive mentors, and to learn about who they are and what it means to be Jewish. We are a pluralistic community who take a "kitchen sink" approach to Jewish education--we offer as many diverse ways "in" to Jewish identity and practice as possible. Through classes, social programs, and Shabbat retreats, our students find a sense of personal Jewish understanding, a community of friends that will last a lifetime, and a nourishing safe space in the midst of their crazy schedules.

Midrasha is an education program for the East Bay Jewish community's 8th-12th graders. It's a community-based, pluralistic supplemental school, with multiple campuses. Berkeley-Oakland Midrasha is sponsored by Congregation Beth Israel, Congregation Netivot Shalom, Congregation Sha'ar Zahav, Kehilla Community Synagogue, Temple Beth Sholom, Temple Israel, Congregation B’nai Shalom, Aquarian Minyan, Temple Beth Hillel, Congregation B’nai Israel, and the Jewish Federation of the East Bay.

"Time to reflect on myself and connect with Judaism"

"I rediscovered myself through this class"

“Midrasha made me feel more Jewish and more happy"

“Without Midrasha, my teachers and my supportive clasmates, I never would have realized that my relationships with people I love are where I find my definition of G-d”

“It's an understatement to say my daughter looks forward to Midrasha! She can’t wait!"

"Midrasha isn’t just another Jewish group, at least not if you take advantage of what it has to offer. It's a chance to grow and thrive, to nourish and be nourished"