Berkeley-Oakland Midrasha gets together with Contra Costa Midrasha to offer for three outstanding weekend retreats each year. The shabbatonim  are designed to complement our weekly classroom curriculum and provide a powerful shabbat experience of community, learning, and fun. Our shabbatonim are treasured by many Midrasha teens as peak experiences that inspire and connect. 

Midrasha's uniquely inclusive, pluralistic shabbatonim are the place where teens deepen their relationships with each other, our faculty, and meet teens from the other Midrasha campuses.

Virtual Shabbaton - January 29-30

Online Shabbaton for 8th - 12th graders on January 29, 6:15PM - 9:15 PM and January 30, 9:30 AM - 1PM, and wrapping up with us coming together for Havdalah at 8pm. Join us for cool crafts, magical spiritual moments, intellectual Jewish conversations, and friends. All materials will be delivered to you! Participation is $54. (Financial always available on request.)

So juiced for Fall Shabbaton starting to
Registering for Shabatonim

If you registered for the retreats in the fall as part of your registration, we still require that you RSVP.  This ensures that we can give an accurate number of retreat participants to the camp site. If you did not register one of our retreats packages in the fall, you are still able to add any shabaton during the RSVP period (roughly a month prior to the weekend).

Note: once you RSVP, you are financially obligated, unless you cancel by the cancellation date.

A Note About Kashrut

Pescaterian (vegetarian + fish), kosher-style food will be served. In recent years, Midrasha retreats have had a mashgiach present to ensure the strict observance of kashrut (Jewish laws surrounding food) in all food served. Unfortunately, this year we were not able to secure facilities that would allow us to fully kasher all utensils, ovens, sinks, etc. before our arrival. As a result, this year Midrasha will not practice the strict kashrut ensured by the presence of a mashgiach. We will continue to serve dairy and pareve meals prepared in a kitchen free of treyf and using hechshered goods. Any teens who require a certified kosher meal will be provided pre-cooked, hechshered meals for the duration of the shabbaton. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this policy please contact Mark Deutsch (510)843-4667.